- Valuation of immovable and movable property, valuation of business, securities, intellectual property and intangible assets
- Valuation facilities in accordance with International Valuation Standards
- Investment projects valuation
- Valuation and revaluation of fixed assets
- Forensic valuation examination
- Expertise and evaluation for tax authorities
- Expertise and review of valuation reports
- Inventory of fixed assets
- Valuation of the market value of goods and services

Valuation objectives
- Property valuation for purchase and sale transactions
- Estimation of the most probable range of the market value of goods and services for use in controlled transactions
- Valuation for collateral lending
- Valuation for investment financing
- Valuation for challenging the cadastral value
- Rental rate valuation
- Valuation for contribution to charter capital
- Valuation for repurchase, including the company's repurchase of shares at the request of shareholders
- Valuation of business restructuring, liquidation or reorganization (merger, takeover)
- Valuation for management decisions, including property value management for optimization
- Valuation for property division cases, for the settlement of property disputes
- Insurance valuation
- Revaluation of fixed assets
- Valuation of the identified property for the balance sheet statement
- Valuation for taxation, tax disputes (proof of market value of property, company costs)
- Valuation for litigation
- Valuation of damage and lost profit
- Valuation for IFRS
- Best use of real estate property
- Real estate audit (initial analysis of real estate, which allows: to identify weaknesses in the management and operation of the object, to increase the profitability of the object)
- Development of regulations for the commercial real estate management (office and shopping & entertainment purposes).
- Preparation of the property for sale.
- Selection of a real estate facility and carrying out purchase due diligence procedures, purchase and sale transaction support, real estate facility purchase risk assessment.
- Development of the concept/reconstruction of a real estate facility and search for an investor for the implementation of a development project.
- Formation and training of a management company for effective management of a commercial real estate object.
- Formation of an external development project management team.
Real estate consulting
Real estate development
- Analysis of the Real Estate Object (analysis of the real estate object in 4 areas: legal, physical, financial and administrative (management), which allows: to identify weaknesses in the management and operation of the object; increase the profitability of the object)
- Preparation for the sale of the property
- Drawing up of a professional management plan for the property
- Working out the development concept for the existing real estate property
- Structuring the facility management
- Training of Management Company personnel.
Real Estate Property Management
Investment projects drafting
Real estate property best use
- Mandatory and voluntary audit of financial statements
- IFRS financial statements audit
- Accounting review checks
- Consolidation packages audit
- Agreed audit procedures
- Special assignment audit
Other services of our group of companies
- Due diligence
- Tax audit
- Tax review
- Express-audit
- Accounting and tax accounting audit
- Tax expertise of transactions and projects
- Tax risks expert assessment
- Tax burden analysis
- Personnel records audit
- Audit of individual accounting sections and business processes
Expert review
- Financial statements drafting
- Development and implementation of projects for the IFRS conversion
- IFRS reporting support
- Development and filling of consolidation packages
- Theory and practice training, accounting policy development
-Tax and accounting
- Financial and legal
- Subscription service and one-time consultations
- Tax and accounting records set-up
- Tax planning
- Accounting policies development
- Accounting restoration
- Transfer pricing risk assessment
- Conducting seminars and trainings on taxation and accounting
-Tax structures development for any project (the turnkey structure set-up and the work process tune-up - on request)
-Group financing structure analysis, risk assessment, advice on identified risks mitigation, the structure tax efficiency improvement suggestions
-Obtaining targeted explanations from the Cyprus tax authorities (tax rulings)
-The current corporate structure of the group of companies review in terms of tax risks assessment and tax efficiency improvement
-Recommendations on the transactions' paperwork filing, agreement drafting with aim of reducing tax risks, including VAT (in Russia and in Europe)
-Turnkey trust structures development (for business and for the individual assets saving). Including the structure development, the trust agreement drafting, guidelines for the trust founder, assistance in choosing a reliable lawyer, trust payments structuring, etc.
International tax consulting
- Accountint and tax accounting
- IFRS accounting
- Budgeting and treasury processes
- Management accounting
- Contesting the cadastral value cases
- Arbitration cases
- Administrative management cases
- Civil cases
Legal services
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