We deal with too serious matters to take ourselves seriously...
The history of the Vertex group is very simple. Colleagues - consultants with extensive experience - decided to create a company which provides:
· exactly the service that is needed by the client

· highest quality service

· an individual approach to each client

· professional expertise

· compliance with professional business ethics

· team of constantly perfecting themselves specialists
Anastasia Kolotvinova

General Director, the Partner
Experience in appraisal and consulting – more than 15 years

MRICS (Member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, England)

A member of self-regulatory organization of appraisers of non-profit partnership Self-regulatory Organisation of Association of the Russian Masters of Valuation

Teacher in Real Estate Appraisal and Business Ethics at МВА and professional upgrade courses (RANEPA)

Participation in large projects, management of appraisal projects implemented under the Russian and International Standards (including IFRS reporting)
MBA “Real Estate Management”. The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Department of Real Estate Economics

The Institute of Professional Appraisal under the Financial Academy, Moscow (Department of Banking and Finance, financial management)

Professional Upgrade at the Institute of Professional Appraisal under the Financial Academy, Moscow (business appraisal)

Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography. Land Management and Urban Cadaster

Svetlana Phillipova

Project Manager
Experience in appraisal and consulting – more than 15 years

A member of self-regulatory organization of appraisers of non-profit partnership Self-regulatory Organisation of Association of the Russian Masters of Valuation

Participation in the implementation of major projects, valuation projects management performed in accordance with Russian and International Standards (including in the framework of preparing financial statements under IFRS)
Institute of Professional Assessment at the Financial Academy, Moscow. Second higher education (Faculty of Finance and Credit, Financial Management)

Interdisciplinary Institute of Advanced Training of the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics, Moscow, professional retraining "Professional assessment and survey of property and property rights/Valuation of the enterprise (business)"

State University of Geodesy and Cartography, Moscow. Management of territories, city cadastre
Kirill Sivolapov
The Partner
20 years + experience in the field of real estate, representing both the consulting companies and the developer's side.

Concepts and business plans development, the best use analysis, sales team set-up experience.

Work experience in various regions of Russia, participation in the various purpose real estate facilities development.

Lecturer at the RANEPA IIM since 2004, commercial development (business planning, real estate management, investment projects' valuation, the concept of shopping malls, etc.).
Moscow Aviation Institue - 1990. System engineer, specialization:ballistics and flight control dynamics.

University of Wisconsin Stout-1995 Construction Management course.

RUE Plekhanova, MIRBIS, - 1996 economist, specialization finance and credit.* STEK Training Center-1997-Training of Auditors.

Presidential Training Program-USA, Arizona-1998.
Vertex Group Team
Our team members are very reliable, time proved specialists with track record of the most complex projects

Market experience of our colleagues exceeds 15 years

Our experts have all the necessary diplomas and certificates, including international ones

Our evaluators received qualification certificates for all types of valuation activities
2021, the 7th anniversary of our company

1. Act in accordance with the principles of business ethics meaning the followig. Be a professional with a reputation for trustworthiness; be open and transparent in our working methods; respect confidentiality; not abuse the trust of persons whose interests we are obliged to respect; avoid bias, conflict of interest or undue interference of others to override our professional or business judgments and obligations. Do not offer or accept gifts, tokens of attention, or services that may imply improper performance of obligations. Act consistently in the public interest when it comes to making decisions or providing advice.

2. Always adhere to a high standard of service. This means ensuring that our client or other parties to whom we have a professional responsibility receive the best possible advice, assistance or services provided by us on agreed terms.

3. Our actions should contribute to the formation of trust in the profession. This means acting in a manner, both in our professional and private life, to promote us and our company in a professional and positive way.

4. Treat other people with respect. This means treating people with courtesy, politeness and respect. It also means considering cultural sensitivities and business practices.

5.Take responsibility.This means taking responsibility for all your actions, not blaming others if something goes wrong, and being ready to take appropriate actions something isn’t right.

Our company follows the principles of the RICS Code of Professional Ethics. RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) — The Royal Society of Certified Real Estate Experts, established in the UK in 1868. RICS is an international organization representing the interests of specialists in all areas of real estate, land use and construction. RICS is also the official regulatory body for the professional activities of specialists in this sector of the economy.Some of our specialists are MRICS (members of the Royal Society of Certified Real Estate Experts).
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